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Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

at St Mary's


We welcome babies, children and adults to baptism. God’s love is available to all, regardless of age, and baptism is a sign of the new start God offers to all. If you are wanting to explore the Christian faith as an adult, please contact one of the clergy to find out more. Adult baptism is usually followed immediately by confirmation, where the Bishop prays for God’s Spirit to fill those who are confirmed, and welcomes them into the wider Church. If you would like to find out more about baptism for your baby or child, more information is available here.


A marriage service, wherever it is held, is a public declaration of love and commitment to your partner. In a church ceremony, you make that commitment in the presence of God, and we will pray for God’s blessing upon you. We are delighted to welcome couples who are seeking a church wedding. Everybody who lives in St Mary’s parish, and many other people who have a link with the parish, has a right to be married at St Mary’s. Further details about weddings at St Mary’s are available here. Having decided you want a church wedding, the first thing to do is to fill in a form (available here) and then make an appointment to see the Priest in Charge with your completed form (don't worry if you can't complete all of it).


When you lose a loved one
We would like to be be of help in any way for those who are bereaved. We will be very happy to conduct a funeral service, whether or not you or your family are regular worshippers. A church funeral can be followed by either burial or cremation. Please contact the Priest in Charge as soon as you can after someone has died.
Time to grieve
Grief and loss is a part of the cost of loving and indeed of simply being alive and giving of ourselves to others. It has been said that only the unloving and the unloved escape from the pain of grief. The opposite side of this is that the more deeply we love the more severe also can be the pain of loss. It is helpful to know a little of the process of healing which we go through. This will reassure us that the intense grief which we feel is natural and not a sign that we are falling apart or going mad. Members of clergy and the church’s pastoral care group are very happy to keep in touch and support you in the difficult months which may follow after a funeral.
The Book of Remembrance
There is a Book of Remembrance in St. Mary's Church. This enables the appropriate inscriptions to be placed at the anniversary of the date of the death. Those recorded in the Book of Remembrance are remembered in our prayers. The pages of the Book of Remembrance are turned weekly. An application form for an entry in the Book of Remembrance can be found on the welcome table in church.

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